What is psychosexual therapy and how can you benefit in your couple

Pyschosexual therapy provides couples with a platform to empower themselves and to work through sexual and communication issues in a healthier way. This helps them to express their sexual needs constructively. In the same way, the process is meant to aid couples with having broader choices to express themselves in a sexual and sensual way so the outcome can be a fulfilling and improved relationship. When you are looking for help with this problem, it would be ideal to search for the phrase ‘psychosexual therapy near me.’ In so doing, you will find a list of professionals to choose from and then you would be on your way to the ideal treatment.

The Diagnosis
Now, what is psychosexual therapy, you may be asking? It is the treatment used by professionals to provide an understanding and solution of the multiple aspects involved in sexual problems among couples. These include biological, psychological, relational, pharmacological and contextual elements combined. When one of these elements is not functioning in a normal way, then the whole sexual experience will be diminished. That is where the sex therapist comes in to help fix the problem. The couple’s sex life will be appraised by the therapist using each of the combined elements mentioned above. An in-depth evaluation is the first step that the practitioner usually takes.
Talk Therapy
Sex therapy London offered is known as ‘talk therapy’ where both partners get a chance to discuss their side of things in a professional and private setting. Counseling is provided after the issues are identified and ironed out. The therapist will go to lengths to find out if the problem is psychological or not. When it is not, then there is reason to think that it could be due to bodily functions such as sexual dysfunction. The therapist will dig deep to see why this might be occurring and some of the reasons could be:
• Premature ejaculation
• Lack of having any sexual desire
• Low libido
• Erectile dysfunction
• No interest in fetishes
• Feeling pain during sex
• No sexual confidence
• Sexual addiction
Most therapists have a London diploma in psychosexual and relationship therapy. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be receiving some of the best help available. When you get the right help, then you can feel confident that you can overcome, cope and deal with the problem.
No matter your sexual orientation, if you are a couple, it goes without saying that you are a candidate for sexual therapy, if you are having concerns about your sex life. It can be embarrassing to some to discuss these kinds of issues with a stranger and that is why it is important to find a professional with empathy and compassion as well as experience. Psychosexual treatment is a very delicate matter and a good therapist will dig deep to find out if there was past sexual abuse of one partner or the other; fear of having intimacy, reason for avoiding sex, breakdown of the partner’s relationship, and other related reasons discussed above. Couples will be encouraged by the therapist to explore sexual attitudes and tendencies in addition to past experiences, which might be the cause of the existing problems in the relationship. Sexual issues are manifested in various ways and to varying degrees and so every couple may require longer or shorter termed therapy. If you are ready to tackle your sexual problems and want to speak to a professional with years of experience, london diploma in psychosexual and relationship therapy

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